Phone Payments

Improve your customers’ telephone experience while attaining and maintaining PCI DSS compliance. Stop all payment card data from entering your environment to eliminate any possibility of a data breach.
Our VISA Europe-approved secure phone payments solutions are 100% hosted by us. We integrate with your Telco provider to prevent card data from ever entering your contact centre environment. You can achieve quick, cost-effective PCI DSS compliance. What’s more, the intuitive user interface is both customer-friendly and easy for agents to use. Speik’s Agent Pay solution is a proven way of minimising the cost and complexity of ensuring PCI DSS compliance. Both our phone payments processing solutions are delivered 100% via the cloud so there is no need to install any hardware on site or worry about ongoing maintenance costs. The entire platform is deployed, monitored and maintained remotely by Speik’s in-house experts.

Pause and Resume Technologies are Not PCI DSS Compliant

Pause and Resume technologies simply prevent card details from being stored in call recordings. Speik’s solutions prevent the transmission, storage and processing of any card data through your entire enterprise. This means that most of the 12 PCI DSS requirements are no longer applicable, therefore reducing risk and time to compliance. With NO payment card data in the infrastructure, PCI DSS compliance requires minimal maintenance, effort and costs.

Works Seamlessly with Existing IVR systems

Your company may have already invested in an IVR platform to route calls and automate some of your business processes - including payments. IVR Assist™ provides a simple API, which, when integrated to your existing IVR platform, provides the same benefits as Agent Pay in terms of PCI DSS compliance, data security and customer experience.

So what is DTMF?

DTMF stands for Dual Tone Multi Frequency and is the technical name for the tones you hear when you press the keys on your telephone keypad. Your customers would use their telephone keypad to enter card details instead of speaking the details to an agent.

Automatic Speech Recognition

We also offer ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) for phone payments. Customers who feel more comfortable speaking their card details or cannot use their telephone keypad are given the choice. ASR helps with adherence to the Equality Act (formerly the Disabilities Act) by providing an accessible service whilst preventing card details from entering the contact centre environment. This ASR functionality maintains all the PCI DSS compliance benefits of keypad data entry.

How it works

The Customer talks to a contact centre agent and wishes to make a payment using a Credit or Debit Card. The agent asks them to type in their payment card details using their telephone keypad. At all times the agent stays on the line to continue the conversation and stay in close contact with your customer. As the customer presses the keys, the agent hears a comfort tone and sees asterisks appear in their user interface. The card information itself is captured within the Speik Cloud Platform before being passed on to the Payment Service Provider. The agent is notified if the payment has been approved or rejected. At no time do the details enter the call centre – which means, without any payment card data to protect, your obligations to comply with PCI DSS are dramatically reduced.