Fraud Detection

Use Phoneprinting technology to protect your customers' data and detect fraud in both live agent calls and IVR
Speik have partnered with Pindrop to provide their revolutionary intelligent phone fraud detection technology, available through Speik’s cloud-hosted secure voice platform. The solution combines customer authentication and fraud detection for a smart call centre solution that quickly tells agents whether callers are who they claim to be. Until now, call centres have had to apply the same high level of security to every incoming call which can be expensive, frustrating for customers, and ineffective at stopping fraud. The cloud-based solution scores calls against key risk factors such as audio characteristics, geo-location and phone number reputation. Utilising Pindrop’s patented Phoneprint™ technology, Identity Assessment Engine, within the first 30 seconds of the call, the agent receives an on-screen notification displaying the call’s overall risk score, along with custom instructions for how to further authenticate the call as necessary. This process allows agents to quickly and easily assess the true identity of callers, using a single interface. Those deemed to be high risk are subjected to more stringent security checks, while genuine callers have a smoother experience as a result of less security screening each time they call.

Protect Against IVR Fraud

IVR fraud rates are currently almost as high as live phone fraud. Attackers manipulate the IVR to mine for account numbers, reset PIN numbers, request new cards, and phish for customer information. This information is then used to commit fraud in the Call Centre and via other channels. Adding insult to injury, all of this fraudulent IVR traffic drives up operational costs for victimised enterprises.

Reduce Operational Costs

Our anti-fraud solution protects your business across the entire call centre, in both live agent calls and IVR activity. In doing so it helps to reduce operational costs whilst simultaneously improving customer experiences. Furthermore, it is delivered 100% via the cloud, meaning zero downtime or on-site installation required.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easily integrates with your current infrastructure through fully hosted delivery model
  • Better customer experience
  • Reduced customer call times
  • Increased accuracy of authentication
  • Significant loss reduction
  • Case management & forensics
  • Breach control to prevent loss
  • Reduced reputational risk
  • Reduced overall costs
  • 100% hosted solution, meaning no on-site installation or down time

Regulatory Compliance

Our products meet all of the regulatory requirements defined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and other regulatory bodies as appropriate. They are updated regularly to ensure that they also meet new regulations where required, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and MiFID II.